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Hospital-to-Home Care

Post-discharge, hospital-to-home care provides the proper support following a hospital discharge for a speedy recovery.

Hospital-to-Home Care

Post-discharge care to reduce readmissions.

A photo of a middle-age woman in a wheelchair, accompanied by a caregiver, meeting with a doctor and a nurse as they leave the hospital.

One of the leading causes of hospital readmission or slow post-hospitalization recovery is the lack of proper support following a hospital discharge. In-home care is a key resource for regular observation and care in the critical days and weeks following a hospital discharge for a safe and successful recovery process.

  • We create and assist in a plan of recovery, meeting with the appropriate hospital staff and the family before discharge.
  • Helps families manage the discharge process, providing a seamless transition home and promotes effective rehabilitation at home.
  • Recovery typically require anywhere from a few weeks to months, depending on the cause of hospitalization.