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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting a care provider can be an overwhelming prospect. When choosing a home health care agency, it is important to investigate a few key questions. This page has the answers to these most important questions.

Q. What are the advantages of home health care?
A. There are five advantages we believe are most important:
  1. Home health care promotes freedom. Individuals receiving home care can engage in their traditional day-to-day activities as their health dictates, while getting the care and support they need.
  2. Home health care provides for control. Home care allows your loved one to remain a participant in their own care.
  3. Home health care is flexible and personalized. Home care can be tailored to the needs of each individual.
  4. Home health care relieves the care-giving burden. In-home care services reduce the day-to-day care-giving responsibilities of family members.
  5. Home health care can be very cost-effective. A well thought out in home care plan can be significantly less expensive than moving into a residential or assisted living facility.
Q. Who can receive in-home health care?
A. Anybody who wants and needs it.
Q. Is your agency licensed?
A. There is no licensing for home health care agencies in the state of Michigan.
Q. Are your caregivers insured and bonded?
A. Yes.
Q. How are your caregivers screened and trained?
A. All our caregivers have police background and reference checks as well as a thorough two-pronged interview process before they are hired. Our caregivers are certified by the Institute for Professional Care Education - A national training and certification company for the care-giving professions. They are extensively trained in all aspects of providing care, including understanding issues like elder abuse — how to detect or prevent it — and how to keep their clients out of emergency care and hospitals. Although the state of Michigan only requires 2 annual in-service training sessions, we hold them monthly.
Q. Will I have a choice of who comes to my home?
A. Yes. We try to match the caregivers skills and strengths to the clients particular needs but you have the final say on your caregiver.
Q. Will my family member always receive care from the same caregiver?
A. Yes, but it does depend on the number of hours and days as it may take more than one caregiver to cover extra hours beyond 40 hours per week.
Q. What if I am uncertain what services are needed?
A. That's what the free in-home assessment is for, to find out what is needed and how to cover those needs as efficiently as possible.
Q. Do you require a commitment to a minimum of hours and days a week in order to provide care?
A. No.
Q. How are you paid for your services?
A. There are a number of ways: through long-term care insurance; a state agency such as the Area Agency on Aging West Michigan (AAAWM) or Home Health Services (HHS); or directly to us through monthly billing.