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Certified Senior Personal Training

We offer senior personal training that includes physical fitness, mental fitness, healthy eating, and senior self defense classes to help maintain your loved ones quality of life in your own home or at our training facility. We have programs for inactive and active seniors alike, post rehab stroke and cardiac clients as well.

Certified Senior Personal Training

A picture of a group of seniors taking part in an organized exercise activity, doing stretches.

Live Longer, Live Stronger, Live Healthier! Benefits include improved cardiovascular heath, helps bone and joint disorders, improves posture and core strength, helps prevent falls and builds the immune system to fight colds and flu.

Our certified senior personal trainer will develop a safe physical fitness program tailored to each individual, utilizing the American Senior Fitness Association training guidelines. Our senior personal trainers assess physiological, functional and personal limitations and perform a progressive needs analysis in developing a program that's right for each individual.

This fitness program includes recommendations for mental exercises to help keep our clients minds sharper, slowing the aging of the mind as well. Physical fitness and cognitive fitness are a natural fit to improve the well-being of older adults.

A picture of a group of seniors taking part in an organized exercise activity, lifting small weights.

Proper nutrition is an important contribution to a seniors' well-being. Our nutritional needs change as we age and healthy eating can improve your mood, overall health and provide the fuel for continued activity.

Unfortunately, many seniors are targets of crime. We also educate our clients on what to do in a variety of threatening situations to protect themselves, including physically repelling an attacker.

Training can be supervised in your own home or you can attend a variety of appropriate senior training sessions at our facility. It requires a once per week, 12-week commitment with the senior trainer and 2 additional "on your own" training sessions to have a significant positive impact. You will begin seeing improvements in a few weeks.

In-Home Training

In home training sessions (1 hr) can be one-on-one or you can save money by having a friend or two join us. Shake a leg, let’s stay in shape with these low session rates!

Participants Hourly Rate
One (1) $35/hr.
Two (2) $25/hr.
Three (3) $20/hr.
Four (4) $15/hr.
Group Training $10 each participant

In-home training is provided at your convenience.

Group training sessions (1.5 hrs) cost $10 each and are generally held at our facility in the afternoons and evenings Monday through Thursday.